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June 14, 2005 by allenstafford
Below are the lyrics to a song that I can't get out of my head. I am really into music and when I say really into music I mean I will listen to anything (that includes country). I have been on a series folk music binge lately, but I just couldn't get this song out of my blasted head today (Bonfire by Lamb). Well mostly the part about the conspiracy. Its rather queer to me how even though I have been listening to Nedelle and Damien Jurado I managed to get this stuck in my head all of the sud...
June 13, 2005 by allenstafford
It has been an awfully long time sense I have written anything on this site. In case you are wondering the W series is just fine although I am writing this on an iBook. In the past 6 months (something like that) I have accomplished a whole lot. I am the number one Allen Stafford in google on account of my other site for now) and I bought a mac mini server. I remember how in many of my other posts I was so pumped up about going home from school for x-mas. Now I am wonderi...
December 12, 2004 by allenstafford
Hmmmm… Things are cool at home (I don’t know if I mention that I am home now). I spent today helping my Mom clean and that kind of stuff. My Mom is kind of a pack rat but not by choice if you know what I mean? My Mom is always doing nice stuff for people ( which I don’t understand forgive me for being so cliché ). Because of this she has a room in the house full of ,gifts for special occasions, papers from projects and comities that she has been on, and a whole lot of other stuff that to me is j...
December 10, 2004 by allenstafford
Man I am so happy School is out for X-Mas! I am going home! My Mom and Dad are going to pic me up in the morning. I am so happy, I am giong to sit around and do nothing all day. I am happy as i don't know what! But i can't wait to start to play with this Object Desktop thing I have. I think that it will be fun. I will alson have time to work on my website and a whole lot of other things. Also as an added bonus I got my first comment today. I was like wow. But I don't know what I am going to do w...
December 8, 2004 by allenstafford
It is almost X-Mas I am almost home. I only have 2 more days to go. I only have 2 more test to go and then I will be at home in my bed. Maybe then I will be able to get all of my projects started and junk. sigh. and stuff
November 25, 2004 by allenstafford
A few years ago I got a CD in a magazine. It had a track on it called "cascades of color" it was by a group called The Ananda Project. Well I was feeling like getting some new music today so I got on the apple music store. I found this Chick called Gaelle she can sing. I won't get into my musical tastes but I don't just by a album I need to know about the artist. So, I got on the internet and did a seach I found out that she did the vocals for the song I liked so long ago. I checked to see what...
November 22, 2004 by allenstafford
I am after tuesday I get out of school. I will be out of school for the rest of the week. I hope that I get to go home. I need a break from school. I wanna sleep in my bed at my house. I also think it would help me get some of the stuff I need to do done, like make a layout for my site. Oh well I will know what is going on in the morning. wish me luck.
November 22, 2004 by allenstafford
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